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introducing Fangirl hand Dyed yarn

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When I started dreaming about dyeing yarn I wasn't sure if I should call it Wool Knit Together or something else. One day while I was listening to my favorite band, I started to think about what colors I would use to dye yarn to suit the song.

Fangirl pays homage to my favorite band, a-ha.

You Are the One Sock Yarn

You Are the One is my visual presentation of an infectious pop song. And this colorway is the One that got my seriously hooked to hand dyeing.

Album: Stay on These Roads

Stay on These Roads (Acoustic Version) Sock Yarn

a-ha preformed "Stay on These Roads" for an MTV Unplugged performance in 2017. It sounds like a bruised heart longing to see a loved one again. It is so gorgeous!

Album: MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice

Early Morning

Like an early August morning, this is the color of a summer sunrise with depth and subtleties from yellow to orange to magenta.

Album: East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Waiting for Her

Gorgeous purple color with shifts to deep purple and purple-magenta. Album: East of the Sun, East of the Moon

Take on Me (Acoustic Version)

Bubble gum? Not a chance, there's depth and beauty to this yarn, just like the acoustic version of Take on Me.

Album: MTV Unplugged Summer Solstice

Hunting High and Low

Haunting song about the highs and lows of love and here's a yarn to match that emotion.

Album: Hunting High and Low


Dragonfly is bright green with depths of yellow and blue.

Album: Lifelines

Out of Blue Comes Green

Out of blue comes green with a little help from yellow.

Album: Stay on These Roads


"Her skin is like velvet, her face cut from stone"

Album: Minor Earth Major Sky


This yarn isn't named after an a-ha song - it's named after my daughter who was stillborn 10 years ago. I have since had 2 healthy, crazy boys and I love them to bits, but I wonder what my little girl would have been like. Here is my longing in yarn to the pink and purple phase of little girls.

Les Cheneaux Coffee Co.

I'm lucky enough to live next door to this awesome coffee shop in Cedarville, Michigan. They roast their own beans and it's the best coffee I've had since I was in Rome. So good!

Lisa's Cotton Candy

I love lots and lots of color and negative space scared me. Embrace the negative space and enjoy Lisa's Cotton Candy. Lisa assures me this yarn is edible!